Opened in 1888, the original Administration Building of the Logansport State Hospital only recently became home to the Longcliff Museum. The well-preserved Administration Building, symbolic to the Logansport State Hospital Building, has been continuously open since 1888. The 103 year old Pathology Building originally housed the museum until becoming too deteriorated to rehabilitate.

Through the use of artifacts, exhibits, and the historic hospital building itself, the museum tells the narrative of how medical care for the mentally ill has changed over the years. The museum’s exhibits showcase patient life in the hospital through artifacts like patient artwork, photographs, medical instruments, and farming equipment. Some of the artifacts originate from the period of the hospital’s opening and are original to the Logansport State Hospital. By educating their visitors, the museum also tries to extinguish the stigma that surrounds mental health diseases. Of note, the site is home to a registered cemetery as well.



1098 S. State Road 25, Logansport, IN 46947