“The Cabin in Wildflower Woods” (Gene Stratton-Porter Cabin)

In 1913, Gene Stratton-Porter designed the family’s second home near Rome City on Sylvan Lake. She intentionally designed the house to blend in with the natural setting. “The Cabin in the Wildflower Woods” is a two-story log cabin and originally included 150 acres. Gene Stratton-Porter planted over 3000 plants throughout the property. She also created a formal flower garden, orchards, and a small stone pond. In 1920, Gene Stratton-Porter moved to California for health reasons. She continued to write until her death in 1924. Much of the family’s furniture and personal items remain in the cabin including Gene’s library.

During her career, Gene Stratton-Porter wrote twelve novels, seven nature books, two books of poetry, a children’s book, and many magazine articles. Eight of her novels were turned into movies. One, "The Harvester", was even filmed at “Wildflower Woods.”

In 1947, the State of Indiana was presented with 13 acres of property, including the cabin, formal flower gardens, orchard, and pond. It is maintained by the State as a historic site and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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1205 Pleasant Point, Rome City, IN 46784