New Albany and Salem (Monon) Railroad Station

In 1851, the New Albany and Salem Railroad Station was constructed in New Albany, IN as a stop along the railroad known as the Monon Railroad. This station was the most elaborate stop on this important early Midwestern line. Other than fueling the economic development of New Albany, the Monon Railroad was also a significant point of controversy during the 1850s in the southern Indiana region as fugitive slaves who crossed the Ohio River would utilize the rail line as a way to escape and hopefully find their freedom in the north.

The Monon Station was listed on the National Register in 1984, but was later demolished. In 2007, the Indiana Historical Bureau, Caesars Foundation of Floyd County, and Floyd County Historical Society partnered together and installed a marker at the former site to commemorate its historical significance for the state of Indiana and the city of New Albany.

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198 Culbertson Avenue, New Albany, IN 47150