This massive building, constructed in 1909, originally was the headquarters for the Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Indianapolis architect Oscar Bohlen created this Middle Eastern styled building with minarets, brick banding, towers, stained glass, and terra cotta. The interior is just as opulent as the exterior and is adorned with brass, marble, and terrazzo floors inland with mosaic. It also houses a 2000 seat theater.

Since the Shriners membership continued to grow, space became an issue. Rubush and Hunter were hired in 1922 to design an addition and managed to blend it with the original structure. Known as the Egyptian Room, this room was modeled after the tomb of King Tut. Yet another addition occurred in 1968. Though built of concrete, there is a large mural of three Arabian men crossing the desert which ties in to the Egyptian theme.

In 1995, several interested parties worked together to save the Murat Shrine Temple. A major renovation took place and the theater is now used for concerts and live performances.



502 North New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204