The building that houses the Crump Theater dates back to 1870. It was converted into the Crump Opera House about 1899. The 600 seat Romanesque styled building was remodeled again in the 1920s to accommodate motion pictures. However, the most dramatic renovation occurred in 1934 after Louis Holwager of Madison, Indiana purchased the building. He basically constructed a new theater into the Art Deco building seen today—the metal facade, the stream-lined marquee, and a completely new interior were added.

Holwager held a contest to rename the Crump. The winning entry was “Von Ritz” but the change never took place. Locals felt that the Crump family had been instrumental to the growth of Columbus and remained loyal.

In late 80s and early 90s, the Crump was facing demolition, but the Columbus community rallied to save the building. It has undergone a series of renovations and redevelopment efforts since then and remains standing in Columbus today.


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425 Third St, Columbus, IN 47201