Other Points of Interest at Jackson County History Center

In addition to these locations, the Jackson County History Center has many other things to see.

There are two museums on the campus. The Ball Museum is housed in a building that was once the blacksmith shop of a man named James Bland. It is now set up to show scenes of home and community life from historical periods. The Heller Museum is designed to preserve delicate historical artifacts like documents and clothing. It has a large display of military uniforms as well as a collection of American Indian artifacts found in the county. Another resource on the campus is the Robertson Genealogy Library, where visitors can research the county and their own family history.

Around the campus, there are many other historical artifacts that have been preserved, like the ticket booth of the Stardust Drive-In Theatre and signs and information about events that have taken place in the county.



105 N. Sugar Street, Brownstown, IN 47220