Robertson Genealogy Center

The Robertson Genealogy Library is an important space at the Jackson County History Center. It has collections of books and pamphlets, maps and pictures, journals and genealogical records, and relics which illustrate the social, religious, political, educational and industrial history of Jackson County. By preserving and making these records accessible, the Genealogy Library helps JCHC carry out their mission of enabling “the investigation, discovery, collection, preservation and publication of data pertaining to the history of Jackson County, Indiana.”

If you are interested in learning about your family history or the history of Jackson County, the Robertson Genealogy Library is a great starting point for your research. JCHC volunteers have also helped many local 4th grade classes research their family history at the Genealogy Library.



105 N Sugar St, Brownstown, Indiana 47220 ~ Please check the JCHC Facebook for information on open hours.