Terrace Gardens

“Terrace Gardens” was once one of the hottest and most popular entertainment venues in Vincennes. It was the dream of a man named Earl Conrad. Opened in 1930, its design was inspired by George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Terrace Gardens was situated right on the junction of what is referred to today as Old Highway 67 and Old Highway 41. The ground leading from the roadway below up to the structure included three-tiered terraced ground adorned with beautiful greenery and carefully placed seating. There was also a service station conveniently located on the highway level of the property below.

Terrace Gardens was elaborately furnished inside with valuable, high-end antiques. The waiters wore white tuxedos and gloves and only the best food and drinks were served there. Many bands played there over the years, some famous. Music, dancing, and card games in the basement were only a few of the many activities that the structure was used for during its heyday.

In the early 1950s, an offer to purchase the structure was made by a new doctor in town. The owners of Terrace Gardens accepted the offer. Many changes were made to the structure which included the construction of several interior walls and a change of décor. The home has changed hands several times but has functioned as a private residence ever since.

During the early 1960s, the construction of the new highway took away a large piece of the property which unfortunately changed the grand exterior look of the property substantially. The last couple of decades have not been very kind to the structure. Fortunately, a couple recently purchased the home and have plans to stabilize and repair the building. No definite plans for the building have been made to date. 



1823 N State Road 67, Vincennes, IN 47591