Newell Brothers General Store

South of the County Courthouse on Main Street is Goshen’s business district. This area was developed in the first decade of the 20th century as “the most modern block in Goshen.” The Jefferson block was anchored by Newell’s, originally built as a general store. The business began in 1880 at 114 E. Lincoln Avenue as a partnership between J. Elmore Newell and Samuel Bechtel. In 1883, Bechtel sold his interest in the company to Charles Newell, with the company being renamed Newell Brothers. In 1897, the operation moved to the southeast corner of Main and Washington Streets. J. Elmore, the founder of the company, died and his son Ned took over the management. He was joined by his brothers Robert and Taylor.

Newell’s functioned as a general store until Ned redirected it to focus on women’s clothing, jewelry, and dry goods. Ned ran the company for 39 years and with his death in 1972, the company changed hands to Ned’s son David and his wife, Allene. David and Allene expanded the business by buying the building to the south of the store. The interior walls were removed and the basement was converted into customer space. David and Allene sold the company in 1998 to their daughter Leslie Newell-Rounds and her husband Jay. In 2008, the Newell store was closed after 128 years in business run by 4 generations of the Newell family. Different companies have used this space since 2008 and it is currently home to Reverie Yarn, Décor & Gifts. However, the Newell legacy can still be seen with the Newell name visible on the façade above the store windows.



201 S. Main St., Goshen, IN 46526